05 Serving dish. 300 x 165 x 80mm. 2002
About Me
I was born in Te Awamutu in the North Island of New Zealand but have spent most of my life in the South Island. My first memory of clay is as a young boy, discovering it when my father was digging out steps in a bank down at the bottom of our property, in Nelson. I made my first pots then and have been obsessed with clay ever since.

I graduated from Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, in 1976 with a Diploma in Fine and Applied Arts with Distinction in Design and Sculpture and a Certificate in Ceramics. Attracted by the landscape and lifestyle, I moved back to the West Coast, where I had spent my high school years, and built a studio and kilns at Kaniere, east of Hokitika where I have chosen to live and work.

Where I live
The West Coast, which is rich in natural resources and scenic beauty, is a wonderful source of inspiration and raw materials. Its isolation from larger population centres and the rest of the ceramic community has enabled me to develop my own work.
Driftwood Tools
I find drift-wood to make my own tools from the wood that has been swept down the flooded rivers and washed up on local beaches.

I use these tools not as replacement for, but as an extension of, my fingers and they allow me to do more than my fingers.